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The Viking coach is considering giving up new players as well. Since Frank Corral of the Rams in 1981, the NFL has never had a “full-time kicker” who shoots and abandons the ball, but now the Minnesota Vikings may be able to recreate the spectacle in 38 years, and the […]

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The NFL Professional Bowl will be held in Orlando for the fourth consecutive year The Professional Bowl will return to Orlando this season. The new season Professional Bowl wholesale jerseys will be held on January 26, 2020 at the Orlando Camping World Stadium. This will be the fourth consecutive year […]

The number of new Hall of Fame members may reach 20 in 2020, which is a very 20-year period. On Friday, the official announcement of the Professional Football Hall of Fame announced that in order to celebrate the centenary of NFL, they would introduce 20 Hall of Fame members jerseys […]

178 days waiting! NFL preseason will start Falcon’s first game against Mustang At 8 a.m. Beijing time on August 2, the NFL competition, which has kept you waiting for 178 days, finally came back! The Hall of Fame competition between Atlanta Falcons and Denver Mustangs will kick off the NFL […]

Seattle Seahawks jerseys and Lineguard Bobby Wagner renewed their contract for three years by $54 million On Friday, according to ESPN, NFL Network and other media reports, Haiying will renew its contract with Bobby Wagner jersey for three years to $54 million. This will make Wagner the highest paid interior […]

NFL Team Celebrates the Centennial Founding of the Team by Giving Seeds of Home Lawn to Fans for Collection As one of the veteran teams of the NFL league, the Green Bay Packers jersey will celebrate their 100th birthday on August 11. On the 100th anniversary of the packer, fans, […]

The NFL will find excellent players from all over the world in Germany. The League announced on Tuesday that it will hold an international sports camp in Cologne, Germany, on October 19. The event is similar in form to the NFL jerseys wholesale somatology camp in Indianapolis. Last season the […]

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