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Who is Wholesale SoccerShop?

Since 1990 Wholesale Soccer Shop also known as Soccer and Soccer has been the one stop shop for all clubs, teams, and all fans a like. We carry a wide range of products including custom team uniforms, custom decals for your team branding, soccer balls, match balls, practice balls, and all sorts of soccer accessories. We have become the largest distributors for wholesale soccer equipment world wide! We known our soccer material, in fact feel free to visit our soccer FAQs page for interesting and delightful soccer news!

We understand selecting the proper sports gear can be a daunting task, never fear, wholesale soccer shop is here. Give us a call or eMail and we will help you decide what gear suits your team, novice or professionals a like!

Looking to donate soccer gear to children and teams world wide? Wholesale Soccer Shop can help you do so, simply navigate to our PassBack page and donate all your old gear to children who have a passion and the love for soccer!

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