16 High-Quality Wholesale NFL Jerseys Suppliers

2018-12-10 01:36:07
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In this article, I will share 16 top wholesale NFL jerseys suppliers with you, besides, you can find some hot questions and answers of NFL jerseys wholesale/ dropshipping business.

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Suppliers in China

Here is a list of Chinese NFL jerseys wholesale suppliers.











Sport kits





1. Chinabrands.com


Chinabrands is one of the leading online markets for cheap wholesale jerseys. They have wholesale markets in more than 200 countries of the world including China, Malaysia, Canada, the US, and the UK. Chinabrands offers 24hrs services, giving customers a round-the-clock, round-the-week and round-the-year opportunity to demand good they want. This is due to the quality and quantity of their staff, both at the technical and support end.

Chinabrands also partners with top-scale logistics firms and courier providers across the world including DHL, EMS and special express to ensure timely delivery. Again, Chinabrands have all their products subject to stringent internal quality control measure. So, retailers are guaranteed of quality NFL jerseys have got no worries about substandard products.

Chinabrands deals in highly trained QC professionals and certified top quality suppliers and manufacturers. They also ensure professional products description and labeling, with clear and bold written text product high-definition photography to give correct information about jerseys. Their pricing system gives a competitive advantage to retailers. 

2. Huazhiyang.sinosources.com


They offer quality products ranging from sports jerseys, basketball jerseys (MBL, NFL, NBA jerseys), football jerseys, soccer jerseys.

They have quality products from which you can choose from. Although they do not display all their terms and conditions on the website, once you contact them by filling the inquiry form on the site, you will receive a mail detailing their offers.


3. Mlbfanproshop.com


They offer quality jerseys with exceptionally reasonable prices. Most jerseys run about $32. They offer free shipping. They always ship the parcel with EMS or DHL, making delivery safe, professional and without delay.

If you want to ship out of China, especially to the United States, it takes 7-10 business days. They offer a variety of jerseys, allowing buyers to choose from their array of collection.

4. Wholesale7.net


Wholesale7.net is a leading supplier of NFL jerseys in China. All the prices of their jerseys are marked on our website in US dollars.

They have different payment options including all Credit Cards (Visa/Master Cards and American Express), Bank Transfer and PayPal. Shipping and delivery are easy with the website. It normally takes 2-5 business days for an order to be processed and delivered.

However, the day of order receipt is dependent on the shipping method you choose. Their shipping partners are reputable logistics companies such as DHL and EMS.

NFL Jerseys Wholesale Suppliers in the USA

Here is a list of NFL jerseys wholesale suppliers in USA.





MBL Jerseys, NFL, NBA Jerseys






1. Officialusafootballs.com


They offer a large selection of Officialusafootball jerseys from top quality brands to make buyers have a variety too but throughout the season.

Their jerseys are shipped to all around the world. Usually, all in-stock items will be shipped out within 24 hours. However, on a weekend or on a national holiday, the shipment may be a little delayed than usual. Shipping time takes 7-15 business days. Therefore, you can expect to receive your order in 8-16 business days.

Their payment options include Credit Cards (Visa/Master Cards and American Express), Discover and PayPal. They partner with famous and tested logistics and freight providers particularly FedEx.   

2. Goodfanaticshop.com


Goodfanaticshop.com wholesale NFL College Apparel and NFL shop jerseys. They feature a variety of assortment of fashion sports items and fan gear. It has the latest goods for sports including College Basketball Gear, NCAA Merchandise, Hats, Jewelry, Carry-on Bags, Bodysuit, Bikini, Sports Jerseys, and Sports T-Shirts. Their payment options include MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover, and PayPal. They partner proud international logistics and courier service providers including UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, and USPS. These shipping carriers ship packages Monday through Friday and in most areas will deliver ground shipments on Saturday.

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3. Wholesalesportsjerseysauthentic.com


They offer high quality with global standards, offering well over 250,000 items from over 700 teams across multiple leagues. Everything you need for all sports, the site gives it to you.

They wholesale top quality merchandise from the best brands in sports fan gear. Besides, they offer personalized customer service, meaning all products you buy from the site are covered by a 365 days guarantee.

There is a high quality inspection measure before items are packed. They also do a shipping and delivery service that is not only fast but also safe and secure around the globe. 

Wholesale NFL Jerseys Suppliers in Russia

1. Aimeenfljerseys.ru


Aimeenfljerseys.ru are into the sale of NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, CAP, and SOCCER jerseys. They offer free shipping over 10 PCS of products. They supply very good quality jerseys and customer service. Their shipping policy makes goods to get delivered within 5-7 days, using DHL. All their jerseys are stitched on. Aimeenfljerseys.ru also gives a reasonable price, most of the jerseys price at $20.99. They have fantastic customer service and a good review.

Wholesale NFL Jerseys Suppliers in Malaysia





Game Jerseys, Uniforms, and Apparels



Basketball jerseys, Baseball jerseys, Football jerseys, etc.


1. Orensport.com


Located in the heart of Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Orensport deals in all kinds of game jerseys, uniforms, and apparels. They specialize in sports apparels with 9 offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and China.

Having created their own niche, Orensport has an assortment of ready-made and custom sports jerseys such as F1, football and basketball kits. They have their products made from a variety of fabric materials including 100% ring-spun combed cotton, 100% micro-fibre, single/double jersey, etc.  

Orensport ships orders only to clients in Malaysia. And they deliver parcels to Malaysia Peninsula within 3-5 business days at RM 10. However, free shipping for orders above RM200. Meanwhile, orders within Sabah and Sarawak destinations are delivered between 5-7 business days at RM 15. Shipping is free for orders above RM200.

2. Jersey777.co


Jersey777.co is one of the largest brands in the supply of bulk NFL jerseys wholesale, wholesale basketball jerseys, wholesale baseball jerseys, etc.

They deal in wholesale sports jerseys including a variety of sports kits across major sports events including football in leagues in Europe, America, and Asia.

They have a strong partnership with a number of logistics and courier service providers including DHL, EMS, Hong Kong post-Airmail, and China Post Airmail.

This is to guarantee safe and timely delivery of orders and parcels. Jersey777.co sends their clients a tracking code number by e-mail with which they can track their order. The payment options include MoneyGram, Western Union, Credit Card (Visa Card, MasterCard, JCB, AE, Diners, etc.), and Bank Transfer. 

NFL Jerseys Wholesale Suppliers in New Zealand





General jerseys



All kinds of jerseys


1. Buyshopabc.top


Buyshopabc is an online wholesale jerseys supplier in the US. They specialize in supplying high-quality NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL jerseys. They have authentic-quality jerseys with the price of wholesale replica jerseys.

They have high quality with global standards, offering over250, 000 items from over 700 teams across multiple leagues. You are sure of getting everything you need for all sports, not just football, all in one convenient place.

They carry top quality merchandise from the best brands in sports fan gear such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, among others. They offer low Prices directly from factory suppliers.

They encourage customers to buy more as they offer the cheaper price and volume discount. They have many payment options, and all products bought from their site are covered by a 365 days Guarantee.

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2. Culturekings.co.nz


Culture Kings operates two kinds of shipping namely, standard shipping (items delivered within 3-5 business days; regular orders cost $10.00 NZD while orders above$100.00 NZD are shipped free; processing and delivery are Monday to Friday) and international shipping (orders are subject to customs inspections and import taxes). All sale items on Culture Kings are final and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

NFL Jerseys Wholesale Suppliers in Canada





 NHL jerseys, NHL custom jerseys, basketball jerseys, baseball jerseys



All types of jerseys



NFL jerseys



Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Track, Lifeguard, Football, etc. jerseys


1. Sportsjerseyscanada.ca


Sportsjerseyscanada.ca is a place to be when you talk about the wholesale jersey in Canada. It serves an online distributor of licensed sports merchandise, especially focused on wholesaling NHL jerseys, NHL custom jerseys.  

They partner homegrown shipping companies in delivering products to their numerous customers. They ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcels or Canada Post Xpresspost. Delivery time depends on the location of the goods. But, usually delivery takes from 1 to 4 business days.

They operate a products’ return policy which is subject to terms and conditions. Sports Jersey Canada offers only wholesale price and at competitive all pricing system, listed in Canadian Dollars.

Their payment options include all major credit cards (Visa card, Master Card), and all payments are processed through a third-party processor like PayPal.

2. Groupehockey.com


GroupHockey is a leading online supplier of the wholesale jersey in Canada.  The Montreal-based Canada jersey wholesale outfit has over 22 years of experience behind it, serving as an inventory centre where customers, both existing and potential get information about latest jersey arrivals.

They have no minimum order for their products as they give customers free hand to make an order based on their budget. They also help customers in making a smart purchase decision. They operate seamless order processing, giving speed-of-light and convenient customers support through customer service managers.

The company also provides technical and logistics support for all categories of sellers including start-ups, veterans, a brick-and-mortar retailer, an online retailer, etc.

3. Parlamericas.org


Parlamericas is one of the leading wholesale replica NFL jerseys in Canada. It offers quality services including selling only wholesale services. They wholesale to Canada and its environs. They deal in quality services, as all their products go through a quality control check before they are advertised on their website. They have a number of payment options including PayPal, VisaCard, MasterCard, etc.

4. Teamcosportswear.com


 Teamcosportswear.com serves as both a manufacturer and supplier of ready-made and custom-designed sublimation sports team uniforms and jerseys for various games including Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Track, Lifeguard, Football, etc.

Based in Canada with rich experience in wholesale distribution, Teamco specializes primarily in the design and distribution of customized and sublimation sports jerseys. They offer a lot of quality products and crisp design.

They have all jerseys across major sports including football jerseys, baseball jerseys, and basketball jerseys. They have no minimum orders for any kind of team wear. 

Pros and Cons of Wholesale Replica Soccer Jerseys?

Pros of wholesale replica soccer jerseys

1. They have a large number of the consumer market

2. There are a variety from which resellers can choose

3. There is no dull moment as buyers always flock the market

Cons of wholesale replica soccer jerseys

1. Wholesaling requires product quantity, and a high number of products means high a high capital to buy.

2. Storage and overhead cost: Wholesaling involves purchasing and storing a lot of inventory for sale at a given time which means more cash is tied up in inventory and storage costs.

3. Planning to start wholesale replica soccer jerseys or wholesale replica football jerseys requires a lot of capital to start.

Which Countries Have High Demands of Cheap Jerseys Wholesale?

Here is a list of countries that have high demand of NLF jerseys.

  • Thailand

  • Canada

  • Hong Kong

  • Malaysia

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

Wholesale NFL Jerseys from China and Thailand, which is Better?

China offers a better market option for a number of reasons. Wholesaling NFL jerseys from Chins will guarantee you a lot of quality. You don’t have to worry about counterfeit jersey products. Also, many suppliers from China offer free shipping on a certain volume of products. You are also sure that because of the high demands for jerseys in China, you have a discount on every product you buy.   


Having been equipped with these brilliant pieces of information, you have got to excel in your wholesale NFL jerseys business. All you need is to follow the guides and empower yourself with all the basic soft selling skills to make a good wholesaler. Good luck!   

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