NFL 2019 Season officially unveiled

Mustang 14-10 Wins Falcon

On the evening of August 1st, the Hall of Fame opened and officially unveiled the 2019 season. The Atlanta Falcon and the Denver Mustang were on both sides.

The game was the first time that Vic Fangio, the Mustang new coach, appeared as head coach. He was admitted to hospital for kidney stones before the game, but he still insisted on participating in the game.

Fangio also made history today: he was the first coach in the history of the NFL jerseysto challenge the defensive side to interfere with a foul by passing the ball. Passing interference can’t be challenged until the rules are revised this summer. But the first step doesn’t mean the end is perfect – Mustang failed in this challenge.

Most Mustang starters, including Joe Flacco and Von Miller, did not play. Kevin Hogan served as the first quarterback, completing five passes eight times and advancing 37 yards. The rookie (Drew Lock) has also been given the opportunity to test the bull knife.

The Falcons did not plan to send out all the starting lineups either. Matt Schaub came on and passed the ball twice, but only in vain. Mustang took advantage of the momentum, such as the rainbow, and finally relying on the 3-yard dash of Khalfani Muhammad to take the lead in scoring.

The Falcon then switched to a quarterback (Kurt Benkert), who led the team into free-kick range, but missed a 54-yard free-kick from Giorgio Tavecchio and the Falcon failed to score.

The two sides then abandoned kicking one after another, and the Falcon chased decisively with two minutes left in the first half, equalizing the score with a three-yard line between Benkett and Brian Hill. Benkett seemed to be in shape, Vietnam in the second half was more courageous, pushing 56 yards in 12 stalls, and then Tavicio hit a 27 yard free kick, with the Falcon leading 10-7.

Benkett left early with a toe injury in the fourth quarter, completing 19 passes 34 times and pushing 185 yards.

The Mustang jerseys sales counter-attacked at 5:21 p.m. (Trey Johnson) intercepted Shaub’s pass at 38 yards in the Falcon Half. Although later affected by player fouls, the rookie quarterback (Brett Rypien) did not move, steadily led the team forward, and eventually succeeded in the dangerous and dangerous connection with Juwann Winfree in the right corner of the end zone, reaching the anti-super score with a 15 yard catch. 14-10 points were also maintained until the end, Mustang won the game.

Marholmes was elected ESPY Best NFL Player jerseys

Maholmes won the 2009 ESPY Player of the Year Award for NFL Player of the Year.

Regardless of the team’s position, Patrick Mahomes jerseys online, a second-year quarterback from the Kansas City Chiefs, was shocked. For! God! People! He won the double honors of MVP and the best offensive player in the regular season. In the recent ESPY Awards Ceremony, he also won more favor and was elected ESPY’s best NFL player of the year.

ESPY, known as Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly, is an awards ceremony held annually by ESPN in 1993 to reward athletes who have excelled in many sports fields in the past year. Unlike the Lawrence Award, ESPY’s awards are chosen by online votes of sports fans who browse ESPN’s website. It’s like a bulletin board award in sports.

The performance of Maholmes in the past year has been evident, and the powerful second-year starlet has shown his talent on the pitch.

Maholmes has done well in the past year.

Marholmes, the season’s first quarterback, faced the powerful Lightning Team in his first game. As a result, he impressed everyone with his 256 yards and four touchdowns. The magic performance of Maholmes was just beginning, and the next week against the Steelers, he came out with 326 yards of bold brush six times, scoring 154.8 points close to full quarterback score. Maholmes has also set a number of League records, thanks to the results of these two 10 matches.

If you think Maholmes’performance in the last few weeks was just a flash in the pan, you’ll find after a couple of games that this smiling, tomato sauce-loving kid is shaking the league with his shocking performance.

Maholmes’excellent comprehensive athletic ability in all aspects of running has been brought up by his “stick and olive” style of sport since he was a child. His excellent reading, decisive decision-making and inhuman adaptability have been highlighted by his amazing arm strength of throwing 50 yards out easily.

In the fourth week of the game against the Mustangs, the team in the absolute backwardness, only to see Maholmes running out of pockets, in the face of a strong chase behind him, he actually changed the ball from the right hand to the left hand, a homeopathic throw, complete the pass line to get the first attack! The ball attracted countless fans to worship it crazily. And then in the game against the crows, Maholmes offered another “bomb” pass; they are in a precarious situation, with unconventional passing action to allow the team to continue the offense, see such a shot, how can you not bloodshot!

Winning the ESPY Best NFL Player jerseys Award will bring more confidence to Maholmes.

Under the leadership of Maholmes, the Chiefs attacking group Qiqifawei, Karim Hunt, Terek Hill and Tel Avis Kelsey made the whole league fearful. And the team has made great strides, scoring 12-4 and winning the first place in the regular season. And Maholmes, through 16 matches, has dedicated an incredible personal journey to all audiences.

The start of the new season is imminent, I believe this award will also add to his confidence, in the course of the 2019 season, for the team jerseys china to bring new visual feast for fans!

Chicago Bear Memorial Jersey

Chicago Xiong Qing’s Centennial History

As we get closer to the 100th NFL season, the Chicago Bears celebrate their 100th anniversary. They began a three-day celebration on Friday.

At the end of Friday’s event, the Bears unveiled their new commemorative jersey. They will wear the Jersey in their home game against the Minnesota Vikings on September 29 and the Dallas Cowboys on December 5.

Inspired by the 1936 commemorative version of the Bears’jersey, there will be a new commemorative logo on the helmet, as well as a 100-year pattern on the pants and socks.

At Friday’s celebration, six Hall of Fame members and 230 past and present Bear players jerseys were present.

New Orleans Saints Marcus Davenport jerseys cheap

Saints rookie defender Davenport will be injured for weeks.

The fierce battle against the strong New Orleans Saints jerseys enemy ram was about to begin, but the saints’ defensive front suddenly went wrong.

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, rookie defensive forward Marcus Davenport is expected to be absent for a month due to a toe injury.

Nick Underhill added that Davenport, who completed two captures last week, wore protective boots after the game.

Davenport’s absence has undoubtedly greatly affected the saints’impulsive ability. Considering that they are about to face a strong attack from the League, the news is worrying.

Davenport has completed 4 hits this season, and has recently Marcus Davenport jerseys cheap been a stable member of the defensive side rotation team.

Alex Okafor is also a key player in the rotation team, and is expected to replace Davenport and complete the pass with his partner Cameron Jordan. In addition, Trey Hendrickson can also share some pressure.

NFL player’s Top Glory jersey

Why did Edel turn into “little yellow man”? College students are regarded as the highest honor by NFL players.

When Julian Edelman, the New England Patriots’outsider, stepped onto the training ground, he was the player most easily spotted from afar. Because inside his sweatjersey was a bright yellow jersey, which made Edelman different from anyone on the Patriots team.

When Edelman arrived at the training camp interview area in such a costume, or was surrounded by reporters in front of his locker in the corner after the training, his brilliant yellow became a quick catch again.

Why is Edelman so partial to yellow jerseys? Behind this is a little-known story, and it has a long history.

“When people ask me this story, I always reply,” what does the Popeye say? I am me. He said with a smile.

Edelman, a Kent State University graduate, is proud of Kent State University and a member of the school’s sports hall of fame.

This yellow jersey was sent to Clifton Larkin by the school equipment director seven years ago. The jersey had a golden K-mark on it and a Kent State Rugby on the left chest. This is a supreme honor for Edelman.

It happened in the second year of Edelman’s entry into the league, when he became a “yellow man,” wearing his yellow jersey in his sweatjersey almost every time he trained, and patriot workers made sure the yellow jersey was delivered to the laundry every day.

“I have other jerseys,” Edelman said, “but I only wear yellow jerseys when I train.

Is this superstition? Or it’s just a habit, like everyone else in the league, to still wear their college shoulder pads.

“I don’t know if this is a superstition,” replied ed. “Welk used to wear a Texas Tech jersey, so I started wearing a Kent jersey.”

Another reason for Edelman’s obsession with the bright yellow jersey is that, as he himself said, as an outsider on the court, I have to let the quarterback see me. So the yellow jersey is more eye-catching, so that Brady can find me better.

Minnesota Viking coach jerseys

The Vikings attacked the frontline coach and died in NFL.

Toni, the Minnesota Viking forward coach and former Miami dolphin coach, died on Sunday at the age of 56. J Panaro reportedly complained about chest pain for some time ago. He went to the hospital for a thorough examination last Thursday and left hospital on Friday. At about 8 a. m. on Sunday morning, when J Panaro’s wife Janet was leaving home to go to church with him, he found the unconscious J Panaro collapsed in the kitchen and lost consciousness. Subsequently, the medical staff received CPR for him, but it was useless.

The Vikings all expressed their mourning for J Panaro.

“Our hearts are together with Janet and the entire J Panaro family to mourn the departure of Toni.” Viking owners Mark Wilf and Qi Ji Wilf said in a statement. “Toni is a passionate and dynamic person who deeply loves his family, especially enjoying his time with his grandchildren. Toni’s days in the Vikings will be remembered. In this extremely difficult time, Toni’s family is our only concern. We urge the entire alliance and Viking families to give J Panaro enough space. ”

He was originally expected to enter the third season as a Viking offensive coach. This is the last stop since he opened his NFL career in 1999. In 1999, he was hired by the Cleveland Brown team as the offensive quality management coach of the team.


After being one of the assistant coaches of several NFL teams, the Miami dolphins threw olive branches to J Panaro in 2008, and appointed him as coach of the team. In the first season of J Panaro’s arrival, the dolphins ended with a humiliating 1 – 15 win, and in the 2008 season, J Panaro reversed the situation. He led the team to 11 – 5 and won the title in the east side of the United States. He also became the first coach in the history of NFL to win a 1 win team last season. In nearly 4 years of teaching dolphins, J Panaro’s total record was 29 wins and 32 defeats.

In 2014, after the Oakland Raiders fired Allen coach Denis, J Panaro served as the temporary coach of the team, with a record of 3 wins and 9 defeats.

“It’s hard for me to describe myself in a blank way about Toni’s sudden departure,” Minnesota Viking jerseys general manager Rick Spielman said in a statement. “Toni loves rugby and his players. More importantly, he is strong, full of faith and cherishes his family. My heart is with the family of the spark. The team will do everything they can to help them. ”

The Viking coach Mike – hammer also expressed his condolences.

“I love Tony spark. He is an excellent mentor and a hard worker. His strong and fighting spirit is reflected in our attacking frontline players. He is a great husband, father and grandfather, and also a good friend of mine. This is a heavy moment for us, and everyone will miss Toni very much. ”

Toni – October 7, 1961 was born in West Haven, Connecticut. He was the first centre of the West Haven university rugby team. He spent 1978-1981 seasons there, and helped the two league team win the first unbeaten season in school history in 1979. He is also a member of the rugby Hall of fame at the University of West Haven.

From 1984 to 1987, he was the frontline coach of his alma mater. Later, he joined the Boston University rugby team jerseys, and in the next 6 years, he gradually promoted from offensive frontline coach to offensive coordinator. In 1994, he returned to West Haven as head coach and scored 41 – 14 in five seasons.

Apart from Brown, dolphins, Raiders and Vikings, Sparano, who has travelled all over the league, has also served on red skins, jaguars, cowboys, jets and the 49-man team.

When does NFL start the new season?

When does the new season start?

The first regular season of the new season will be held in Beijing on September 7, 2018, and the Philadelphia hawk jerseys will play Atlanta falcons by the New Super Bowl champion jerseys.

Jay – Cutler is not a hundred percent determined to retire

At this time last year, (Jay Cutler) announced its retirement and accepted the work of FOX TV commentator. But soon he signed a one-year contract with dolphins to help the team out of the Ryan Tannehill’s unexpected reimbursement.

At this time of the year, everyone believed that Cutler must have left the stadium completely, but he himself was not so sure.

In the reality show segment of Cutler’s wife’s participation, two people discussed the future scenes being broadcast. Cutler said he was “unable to 100 percent” leave the rugby stadium and had to wait until September to decide whether to retire.

Cutler’s wife (Kristin Cavallari) did not hide the hope that her husband would rush back. She said, “you have to understand how much I have sacrificed for you in the past eight seasons.

NFL pink flying jerseys

Young dragons help the fight against breast cancer

In the autumn of October, the NFL stadium was surrounded by pink ocean. Whether it’s the layout of the court or the players’ big and small equipment, it’s full of pink. The old fans are already familiar with it, but the new fans may be wondering what is going on?

In fact, as long as you carefully observe, it is not difficult to find the “Pink Ribbon” logo, and October is the “Pink Ribbon” breast cancer prevention and control month. The original since the beginning of 2009, and NFL American Cancer Society jointly launched a name A Crucial Catch charitable activities, promote the majority of women regularly screened for breast cancer, because early detection and early treatment can significantly improve the clinical cure rate of breast cancer. In the October match, players, coaches and referees will wear pink with elements of the equipment, remind people to pay attention to breast cancer screening effect on the expression of breast cancer patients and their family care and support. These had been used in the game of pink equipment and ball games in the League official auction auction site, customized goods for sale in the pink retail stores and shop, the proceeds donated to the American Cancer society. Today, “critical intercept” has raised more than 18 million dollars for the American Cancer society. Which in 2012 launched the “change” project is an important direction of these funds, the project aims to provide cancer knowledge education, cancer screening and early diagnosis in medical service level of community women, has provided nearly 150 thousand screening and 450 thousand education, made outstanding contributions to the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Various colors represent different cancer types, from top to bottom are as follows:

Navy: colon cancer

Pink: breast cancer

Lavender: all cancers

Cyan: cervical cancer

Blue: prostate cancer

Gold: childhood cancer

White: lung cancer

In the October season, teams and players are free to choose support for one or more cancer prevention programs, theme events, and equipment in different colors.

At the same time, NFL also with the American Cancer Association jointly launched a “Guardian” (The Defender) free online tools, analyze and evaluate data through questionnaire, according to body and life advice guide person, help you reduce the risk of cancer.

League star demo

Mike Prescott (Dak Prescott), “the United States team of the Dallas Cowboys new generation star quarterback last season, not only to help the team get the regular season National League first good results, he was also elected as the offensive rookie. In the fifth week of the season, the Cowboys compete with the Green Bay Packers nfl jerseys, Prescott pedal Adidas FREAK X KEVLAR DIPPED CLEATS debut, both sides are attached to the seven color ribbon pattern.

With two super bowl ring Ben Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) is the American League powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys star quarterback, against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the game he chose for his Nike Alpha Menace custom on behalf of breast cancer pink.

With the launch of the “key interception” campaign in the new week, more and more players will show their colors to support the cancer prevention and treatment. And we will bring you more cool and rich connotation of the theme of equipment, please look forward to.

The new England patriots are full of vigor

The easy career masterpiece

In the wake of Foxborough opener lose the first battle, the new England patriots today in New Orleans finally win back the feeling. And all of this comes from the team headed quarterback Tom Brady’s recovery.

After the opening match, Brady said the attitude of the team and the competition need to be promoted to a higher level of media. With the power savings for a whole week, Brady in the Mercedes – Benz Superdome stadium led the team to a 36:20 victory at home court the New Orleans saints, and again in their own occupation career left an excellent representative.

After the game, Brady finally breathed a sigh of relief, he admitted to the media: “the start of the season that we lost the last ten days of the preparation period is a year long. ”

Brady’s behaviour at the start of the fourth game of the game reflected his pitch leadership. At that time, the Patriots led by a big margin of 33:13. Brady paced back and forth on the sidelines, talking with each player of the team emotionally. He very clearly reminded his teammates don’t let opener paratelum nightmare again. In that game, the Patriots section fourth is the chief team won 21 points, while they lost.

Small lows rebound instantly

The Patriots finally finished off in the match. However, the game is even more worth mentioning, their dazzling first game.

After Brady asked the team will enhance the competitiveness to a new height, he in the game for the first day will lead the team finished 3 touchdowns. It was also the first time that Brady’s 18 year career had been so perfect. Stunning first day play also alleviated the impact of the defensive side of the nfl Patriots jerseys during the game on the results of the game.

The Patriots wide receiver Brandon Cousteau to Brady’s presentation today said: “Brady led the team not only in words, he also personally, with action to lead us. This is the biggest responsibility the team quarterback needs to do. Brady did this point! ”

Finally, Tom Brady of the game data frame for the 39 of 30 passes successfully, 447 yards, 3 touchdowns, and there was a steal. Brady also to occupation career 52 games scored at least 3 touchdowns and did not send the interception success, surpassing Payton Manning, a union in the data statistics on the first person.

According to the Elias sports data recording, Tom Brady has become the Warren moon, second to 40 years of age or older in a game in the pass at least 400 yards and 3 touchdowns making quarterback. In October 1997, Jose Mourinho created the record at the age of 40 and 11 months. Of course, as one of the worst defensive teams in the NFL League jerseys sale, this poor team of saints defence also gives Brady the advantage of making history.

The prospect of next week at the Gillette stadium by J.J.- w home court led Houston Dezhou team defense group, Brady will face a more difficult game. However, when a week accumulated emotion released out of the Brady and patriots finally lost the opener from the shadow, we can be sure that they have enough time and strength to deal with this challenge.